About Why Budgeting

The mission of Why Budgeting is simple: Helping you to control your money and allow you to have control over your life.

Most people get stressed, anxious, depressed, and have all sorts of negative emotions regarding their finances because they don’t know how to improve them, which often seems impossible. That’s why you need to learn how to budget your money. 

With Why Budgeting, you will:

  • Learn how to budget
  • Save more money
  • Pay off debt faster
  • Manage your money better
  • Have financial goals in place

What are you waiting for?

About Damian Serwin (Co-Founder)

My name is Damian Serwin, and I am one of the co-founders of Why Budgeting, a site where you can learn about personal finance for better control over your money.

The subject that is not taught in schools but should be is personal finance. So many of us ignore it for years or sometimes for a lifetime, only to look back and realize how many bad money decisions we have made. Consequences can range from short-term problems to disastrous lifetime consequences. I have been there. Only when I decided to sit down one night and look back on my income and expenditures for a month I understood that something was not adding up.

Damian Serwin

I have not been managing my personal finances correctly as I didn’t know how to, and no one explained it to me. Spending all of my income and living above my means was a key issue. I wanted it all, and I wanted it now. 

My journey with budgeting started after years of working full-time alongside my studies but not having any savings. Deciding on doing my masters in a few years but knowing it would involve a lot of debt and not being able to work full time, I decided to plan and budget for the future.

Through my studies, professional qualifications, research, and life in general, I have learned how to manage my personal finances – something I want to share with you. This involves budgeting, saving up, and managing your debt, including becoming debt-free.

What Are My Financial Credentials?

I currently work as an Investment Banking Analyst. Previously, I worked within financial services firms and private equity but also held jobs unrelated to finance.

My educational journey involved studying Masters in Finance at Cass Business School (UK) with an exchange semester at Montpellier Business School (France). I have also graduated with Bachelors in Economics and Management.

On the side, I am pursuing Charted Financial Analyst qualifications as a current CFA Level 2 candidate, having passed Charted Financial Analyst level 1 and Charted Financial Analyst Foundation courses. I am also an Associate Member of Charted Institute for Securities & Investment, a professional body for those in the financial and investment professions.

Because of budgeting, I was able to:

  • Pay down my debt,
  • Having savings allowed me to study and live my life while not worrying about working during my masters.
  • Enjoy life by traveling and seeing the most amazing places. 
  • Help people close to me to do the same by sharing my knowledge and helping them out with every step. 

Now I want to share all my knowledge with you and help you to become financially free. 

About Hugo Guerreiro (Co-Founder)

My name is Hugo Guerreiro, and I am the other co-founder of Why Budgeting, a place for everyone to learn about personal finance, more specifically, budgeting

Over the course of my twenties, I have spent money on futilities, had vast amounts of debt, and wasn’t saving any money. One day I decided I wanted to buy a house and didn’t have any money, so I decided to start budgeting all my money with that goal in mind.

Hugo Guerreiro WB

I have been in the exact same place you may be today. I have made so many poor financial decisions in my twenties, not only because I didn’t care so much about money but because I didn’t know what to do with it.

I started budgeting when I was 22 and started university (I know I went a little bit late, but I changed courses and didn’t have the money before). I had to split my salary to ensure I had enough to pay for university, transport, and thousands of debt.

I truly learned about budgeting when I had to split every cent of my salary for each category. I was paying five different debts, plus all the above, on the minimum wage in Portugal (which was around 500 euros).

When I arrived in my thirties, I decided to take control of my financial situation because I wanted to buy a house with four rooms but had no money and a bad credit score. Budgeting changed my life’s direction, and now I feel I have complete control over what happens to me because I am simply smart with what I do with my money.

Now, I am not a CPA, certified financial planner, or even a financial analyst. Instead, I have a degree in sports, a masters in sports management, and a post-graduation in digital marketing (the first two were pretty useless, if you want me to be honest).

Everything I have learned about budgeting, managing, and saving money was through reading, implementing what I learned, and taking action. I failed a lot till I succeed. Today, I would say I am a budgeting expert because I have spent thousands of hours on this subject throughout my life and tried almost every budget system available.

Because of budgeting, I was able to:

  • Pay all of my debt (thousands of dollars).
  • Buy the house I wanted
  • Build a savings account
  • Have an emergency fund available
  • Help my family and friends financially
  • Build my online business
  • Live in whatever country I want (I am currently living in Italy)

As you can see, if you learn how to budget your money, you can make things happen for you. You just need to take the proper knowledge and the right direction. I am here to help you do both.

Start Budgeting Today

Damian and Hugo created Why Budgeting to ensure everyone can budget their money better. Here are a few articles for you to start budgeting the right way: